Are you a aspiring entrepreneur or starting entrepreneur and want to gain valuable experience and improve your businessconcept? Then Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is the program for you!

Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs is a program where aspiring entrepreneurs and starting entrepreneurs with less than 3 years of entrepreneurs experience. You get the chance to go abroad for up to 6 months to gain experience in a participating foreign country. there are several benefits to the program, you will be mentored by a successful entrepreneur and will get a change to improve you own businessplan. During the program you will get a Grant from the European union to cover most of the cost of your stay. For more information on the program click the button below:

Young entrepreneurs

Are you a Entrepreneur with more then 3 years of Entrepreneurs experience and looking to innovate or expand your business? Then this program is for you!

Erasmus for young entrepreneurs is also a program which benefits the established host entrepreneur. An example of the benefits are, getting to know international markets, Cross border business opportunities and collaboration and a fresh innovative look into your organisation by the young entrepreneur. for more information on the program for experienced entrepreneurs click the button below:

Experienced entrepreneurs